Mojo Mondial
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Welterbefest Hamburg

Website announcing Hamburg's annual World Heritage Festival. The website delivers detailed information about the World Heritage sites Speicherstadt, Kontorhaus District with Chilehaus, and the Wadden Sea.


A research website to inform about the latest news in the field of microbiological parasitology, and a platform to promote the sterile nutrient solution BukoVitaN®.


A magazine style resource database for researchers and tourism experts working in the fields of Adventure/Eco Tourism, Conservation, Climate Change Adaption, and Disaster Management.


nikatronic is my sub brand for digital services such as WordPress development and 2D animated product demo videos.   Services: WordPress Development iOS Development Script 2D Animation Voice-over (DE/EN) Subtitles Website Tranlations (EN/ES - DE) Visit


Second-hand market for bras and bikinis incl. self-made animated promo video. Fitting bras for happy boobs!