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Kaş Branding & Tourism Consulting

The Kaş Region is located on the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey. It’s impressive natural and historical attractions – such as the The Lycian Way and its ancient sites above and under water – draw tourists from all over the world during the summer season.

In order to extend the season, a strategic marketing concept including a branding strategy and design was developed and successfully presented to the governor and the mayor of the region. Different approaches and instruments of Project Management, Strategic Planning, and Tourism Management were applied in this project.


Claim & Logo

The claim ‘Authentic Kaş – My Escape’ captures the essense of Kaş and conveys the feeling tourists will have when they visit the region during the off-season.

The logo depicts the main assets of Kaş: Snow-covered mountain tops, the sun, the sea, and a Lycian tomb as a symbol for its historical attractions above and below water.


The Lycian Way Flag

The idea is that locals living along the Lycian Way could provide hikers with food and accommodation or guide them around the area. Locals willing to participate in the Lycian Way project mark their houses with the flag. The yellow flag matches the colour of the Lycian Way signage and can be seen from afar.


Stretching Reality

Kaş is famous for its historical attractions. Augmented reality apps enable people to experience ancient historical sites as they used to be thousands of years ago, enhancing the visitor’s experience. Alternatively, acrylic screens can be installed to show the missing parts of a ruin from a certain angle. This method doesn’t depend on an internet connection to be experienced.


February 26, 2016


Conceptual, Consulting, Tourism

branding, design, destination marketing, logo, strategy, sustainability, tourism